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Clever Chris Brown
Rolls Royce Umbrella

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  • Длительность: 03:54
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  • Жанры/подборки: Рэп, Хип хоп
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Текст песни Rolls Royce Umbrella

Don't know where I'm fallin'

Don't know where I'm fallin'

Don't know where I'm fallin'

Don't know where I'm—

Champagne showers can't make flowers bloom

But the champagne keeps raining

In my Rolls Royce umbrella

Shooting stars in the roof of the Wraith

Praying to the sky, I'm paying for my mistake

They saw me in the hearse like I was dyin'

From rags to a Wraith, to stars in the face

If I go riches to rags, I put my face in the mask

And put that shit in the bag now

Instead, it's a poverty to fame

Another new artist, all probably the same, yeah

See an old scar when you pass us

My only exеrcise used to be runnin' out of glassеs

I'll drink to that (I'll drink to that)

Dreams to reality

By any means to your majesty

From misery to mimosa

I was pourin' up, pourin' up until it's over
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