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Lil Gnar Trippie Redd

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Текст песни Missiles
Slurp it up, bitch, make it messy
When I pull up, you hear the 'Vette
Baguettes, they fall off my neck
I'm smokin' that Za' to the chest
Ran that shit up off the muscle
Walk with the Glock, I don't tussle
Niggas talk shit, it ain't nothin'
Three-hundred, all cash, how I'm comin'

I'm a real rockstar, came from the trenches
Now I got bitches on bitches on bitches
Throw him the cutter, my young nigga hit you
He just gon' get your ass for a lil' fifty
Ballin' out just like I'm Madden
Excuse my bad language, I think I'm thе shit
Take a PJ out to Cali' to grab somе Biscotti, it's smellin' like piss
Doubled up (Dope), I'm pourin' my stress in this double cup
Remember, I ran my first hundred up
My Draco got titties, a honeybun
Shoot in the crowd, you ain't takin' my chain
Your ass finna crash out, you swerve in my lane
Only do guap-anese, speakin' that language
My young niggas Brims, they twistin' they fingers
I swerve in the double R, keep me a banger
Couple snow bunnies, they stay in Topanga

Your bitch blew me like a whistle
I keep me two pistols, I feel just like Texas Ranger
Know that I keep me some missiles
Won't be hard to hit you, lil' bitch, I ain't gotta aim
Know that I drip in Versace, Armani my body
Lil' bitch, it ain't got a stain
I count hundreds and fifties, I take a lil' choose to Johnny and buy me a new chain
Everyday is a movie, I keep me some clips, lil' nigga, I shoot 'em like Blu-Ray
My lil' baby flyin' like she up in the skies, she up like a blue jay
Вардан 12 февраля 2021 18:40
Очень уважаю его творчество, и то как он развивается! Подача легкая и в то же время задевает за живое. Мощная энергетика и профессионализм! Я думаю у Lil Gnar Trippie Redd будет еще много интересных работ!
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