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Desperado (Slowed reberb)

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Текст песни Desperado (Slowed reberb)
Sittin' in an old Monte Carlo
A man whose heart is hollow
Mhm, take it easy
I'm not tryna go against yuh
Actually, I'm goin' witcha

Gotta get up out of here
And yuh ain't leavin' me behind
I know you won't cause we share common interests
You need me, there ain't no leaving me behind
Never, no, no, I just want outta here, yeah
Once I'm gone, ain’t no going back

If you want, we can be runaways
Running from any sight of love
Yeah, yeah, there ain’t nothin'
There ain't nothin' here for me
There ain't nothin' here for me anymore
But I don't wanna be alone

Sitting on your ole' Monte Carlo
We've both had our hearts broke
Unh, hunh, take it easy
I'm not tryna go against yuh
I can be a lone wolf witcha
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