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Young Thug
Homicide When We Ride (2019)

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Текст песни Homicide When We Ride (2019)
Throwin' cash on your bitch
Ay shut the fuck up ho and suck a dick (Fool)
We ain't cuffin', we gon' pass around this bitch
Rolls Royce so big, you can stand in it, yeah

Two Pateks cost a new Bentley truck, yeah
I said two Pateks cost a new Bentley truck, yeah
I'm not comin' from the top, so stop callin', yeah
I said grab a parachute in case I'm fallin', yeah (On God)
Came from zero now the whole lil' Haiti ballin', yeah (Okay)
It's not [?] (Okay)
I done got way too big, now them hoes, they confiscatin' it, yeah (Okay)
[?], yeah (Woo)
[?] bitch around the world, they thought they played me, yeah (Ha)
Red [?] the Mercedes, yeah (Skrr-skrr)
Huh, up and down the road in the Mercedes, yeah
Nigga hot as kerosene, but fuck it, yeah
When we ridin' on them guys (Skrrt)
Spray the side, spray the back (Blatt)
Spray they head, spray the butt (Woah)
Spray the legs, no run (Uh)
Leave 'em dead, and it's sunny (Uh)
When it rains, take his soul away (Take his soul)
Grace, sorry God (Sorry God)
Hold on, they fakin', they fraud (Woo)
My diamonds, they blingin', it's shinin' hard (Shinin' hard)
The new Patek, break they neck (Break they neck to see)
Just to see that, just to be that
Big blood, yeah he that (You dig)
Oh (Oh), don't spit it up (Jeff)
Don't choke (Jeff)

Homicide when I ride (Homicides when I ride)
Homicides when I ride (Homicides when I ride)
Ayy, homicides when I ride (Homicides when you ride)
You, homicides when I ride (Ayy)
Homicides when I ride (Homicides, woo)
Homicides when I ride (Nigga dyin')
Homicides when I ride, ayy

When we ride on niggas, we let it fly on niggas
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